Rear hanging frame for Aluminum paintings

Included with each painting in Matt Aluminum or Aluminum with Acrylic Glass, the invisible rear aluminum frame fixed to the back of the painting will give a floating and airy effect to the work and will help to stiffen the whole.

It is the best existing product to hang an Aluminum work.

All you need to do is attach a suitable plug securely to your wall.

Then screw in this dowel a flat head screw unscrewed a few millimeters so that it is not in abutment, or an "L" hook at a right angle.

Finally, place the frame on your screw or hook, well centered, with the entire rear frame resting on the wall so that the painting does not turn.
Each Aluminum painting is delivered with a Rear hanging frame
Frame for Heavy Board
Frame for Horizontal Format
Frame for Vertical Format
Frame for Square Format

Wooden Frame for Canvas Prints

The 2cm thick wooden frame with black edges can be directly placed on a sufficiently long screw head fixed in your wall. It is very simple to set up, just center it on the screw.